Bars and clubs in Melbourne, Australia

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The StoryVille Bar (185 Lonsdale St) opens a gate to wonderland. Here a roaring fireplace burns, and magic mushrooms grow from the walls. Caution – this is a fall in the rabbit hole. The specialty of the bar is its design, music parties and a cocktail menu. Cocktails StoryVille created under the influence of famous works of classical literature and children’s books. For example, the Through The Looking Glass cocktail based on the works of Lewis Carroll is served in a teapot for tea. Mr Pilkington’s Neighbor cocktail (“Mr. Pilkington’s Neighbor”) was made from pork fat washed in Bulleit Bourbon, a spiced apple, walnut and bacon in maple syrup in honor of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. And to top it off, those who want to tickle their nerves can test themselves with a New York Peach cocktail, topped with edible worms (based on Roald Dahl’s tale “James and the Giant Peach”). A quote from Hunter Thompson sums up: Buy the ticket, take the ride (“Buy a ticket, ride”). Welcome to Storyville.

The Rum Diary Bar (334 Brunswick St, Fitzroy) is one of the best rum bars in Melbourne, if not in the world. Here reigns the cult of rum, which is enough here to sink a pirate ship. Rum is served pure or in cocktails. Even if you do not like this drink, the bartender will offer something to your taste. In Rum Diary you should definitely go in to get soaked in sea romance.

Do you want to visit the Australian dive bar? Do to Boney (68 Little Collins St). Boney is a dive bar, banquet hall, dance floor and night club. Here music from techno, thought and soul to hip-hop sounds. The bar is open until the morning 7 days a week. From food is offered modern Australian cuisine (that is, you will not stay hungry).

Japanese aesthetics are waiting for you in the “secret” basement of Master Den’s Poppu Uppu bar (1 Flinders Lane, under the Hihou bar). Chefs prepare modern Japanese cuisine right in front of a long bar counter. In the alcohol map strong Japanese drinks, original cocktails and wine.

In the original African bar Glamp (267 Little Collins St) you can spend the evening sitting in a safari tent. In Glamp there is a real African beer and author cocktails based on homemade tinctures. Bartender Glamp Ben Hehir learned from the legendary Dick Bradsell, who invented Espresso Martini. In the bar you will be prepared Silver Back Espresso Martini, claiming to be the best martini in Melbourne. If you’re looking for something refreshing, try Glamping Aviation with lavender and blueberry based on gin. All night on Thursday and until 8 pm on Friday and Saturday in the Glamp offer for cocktails for $ 10.