Cafes and restaurants in Melbourne, Australia

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There is food that you just have to try if you find yourself in Australia. Australians are fond of meat, but vegetarian and even vegan menus are present in most establishments. So, if you are not a vegetarian, find and try: Australian meat pie, Australian beef carpaccio, Chicken parmigiana (for locals – just Parma), kangaroo meat, crocodile, shark, emu (just don’t take dried jerky snacks in tourist shops) local seafood, fish and chips. Looking for something vegetable, try avotest (toast with avocado paste) or sweet potato dishes. Pay attention to the Australian desserts Lamington, Vanillize, licorice sticks, Pavlova (with the emphasis on the last A) – airy dessert, named after the ballerina Anna Pavlova.

If you want to go to a restaurant and try something completely unusual, go to the authentic African Nyala African Restaurant (356 Brunswick St, Fitzroy). You will try the dishes of this Ethiopian, Kenyan, Tanzanian cuisine. Don’t forget to order one of the African desserts made from baked bananas, cream cheese and cinnamon. Finally, take Ethiopian coffee, mint tea, or a glass of wine.

In the areas of Fitzroy and Richmond, there are many interesting places with an atmosphere and excellent cuisine. For example, in a small cozy restaurant The Piano (18-20 Bridge Road, Richmond) deliciously prepared dishes of modern Asian cuisine.

For coffee, delicious pastries and sandwiches, take a look at one of the many Lourent or Brunetti bakeries.

Excellent and inexpensive to eat in the pub. Pubs in Australia are a whole culture, they rest after work here, eat, meet friends, organize concerts, watch sports events. The pub is usually divided into two zones: a bistro, where you can come with children and, in fact, a bar. Get ready for the fact that the pubs here are often called Hotel. Therefore, if you see the inscription Post Office Hotel, know – this is a pub. You need to pay for the order immediately, the portions are huge, there is no tip.

One of Australia’s oldest surviving pubs, the Young and Jackson’s Hotel (Cnr Swanston and Flinders Streets) is located next to Flinders Station and Federation Square. Beer has been flowing here for more than a century. Besides him there is a draft cider, good wine and cocktails. On the top floor of the pub hangs “Melbourne Icon” – a nude portrait of Chloe, who shook the conservative Melbourne of the last century and made the pub famous.