Language in Australia

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Language – officially English.

However, this is only official. Simultaneously with the English language, more than 40 other languages ​​and dialects are recognized and used in communication. Almost every one of them has morning newspapers, television programs, printed instructions, and booklets. No one is embarrassed to talk on the street in their native dialect. In public places, people try to speak English in order to at least somehow understand each other. Some do it easily, while others do not.

Nevertheless, the main sober population of the country is very tolerant of each other – they try to understand the interlocutor by any means, not paying attention to the accents and the presence of a piece of sandwich in the mouth.

There are “unique people” in Australia, immigrants from Russia who have lived 25 years in Australia and have learned only 25 English words (one word a year) – they live and enjoy life, do not experience inconvenience! Talk to them – they will tell you that in Australia, the main language of communication is Hebrew.

Cultural diversity

This is a direct consequence of the presence of a multicultural (multi-ethnic) population. And it is very good that absolutely everyone has the opportunity to get acquainted with different cultures, right here, directly – in the next quarter, and not on TV in the program “Travelers Club”. It’s just great when children can eat equally easily:

a spoon of soup

fork pasta

hands kebab and

“Chopsticks” noodles.

This is great when you have the opportunity to dine today at the Tandoori Chicken Indian Restaurant, tomorrow in Italian – Mozzarella Pasta, and the day after tomorrow in Thai – pork with vegetables.

It is clear that someone will try to object that we in Moscow “have everything and everything can be done”! We agree that some citizens in the hero city of Moscow really “can do anything”. The only question is if the hero is “Everything” in this city? For example, in fact – this is only the Sushi Bar sign on Tverskaya! There is a kid with a “Ryazan face” and pounding something in rice ….. Let him study with Tetsuya Wakuda for at least fifteen years, let him have ten international diplomas of culinary excellence – the “face” as it was was Ryazan .

Yes, it’s wonderful when a person living in Australia has the opportunity to practice with a “real” Indian Yoga instructor, a “real” Japanese Ekibano master, a “real” Brazilian samba teacher, etc. within walking distance of one block.

However, having paid Australian taxes several times, the opinion of such a person can change in the diametrically opposite direction. At the same time, such a person begins to assert that:“It’s not difficult for me to pay a certain amount of financial resources, to visit one of the Arab countries with a short tourist visit and enjoy the view of bodies passing by me in black to five robes. Wonderful! However, do not show me the same in the conditions of the Australian shopping center and scare my children, please;

It’s not difficult for me to visit a wonderful country – India and to hone my yoga skills with a really “real” Indian instructor in this country for several months;

If I’m interested, I’ll go to Sudan to look at the “tanned guys”, just don’t give me the opportunity to look at these “tanned guys” in the Australian swimming pool in my area, please;

Dear Chinese comrades, we (Australians) love you very much, but let’s agree that your tourist visits to Australia will be exactly TOURIST! ”