Places where you can have a snack in Melbourne, Australia

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Melbourne is a combination of cultures and nationalities, which is directly reflected in food. In its many restaurants, cafes, snack bars and bars you can taste authentic cuisines from different nations of the world. The restaurants and bars of Melbourne are considered the best in Australia. They are here everywhere, and you will find good places not only in the center. Portions are usually very large (except gourmet restaurants). To food everywhere bring water for free. Tips are not accepted.

There are also their own “national” quarters. Therefore, go to Chinatown for traditional Chinese dumplings, hummus and falafel perfectly cooked in Coburg, look for authentic Vietnamese cuisine in Richmond, and Italian cuisine lovers will enjoy Carlton’s Lygon St.

This culinary paradise in Melbourne and the object of food pilgrimage tourists are the markets. The two biggest and most interesting are Queen Victoria Market (Cnr Elizabeth and Victoria streets) and South Melbourne Market (Coventry St & Cecil St, South Melbourne). They are very colorful and impress. The markets sell fresh seafood, farm vegetables and fruits, meats, cheeses, wine and more. All very good quality, often cheaper than in supermarkets (and some products in the supermarket just can not be found). When you get here, be sure to try: fresh oysters, lemon myrtle cheese, falafel, bureks, local snacks, figs with sweet cheese, olives, cider.

In winter, that is, from June to August, the seasonal Winter Night Market runs on Queen Victoria Market. This is a real street food festival where thousands of people gather. At the nightly Vic Market, Australian (and not only) dishes are prepared, street musicians play, they sell souvenirs, and simply enjoy life. Sometimes here you can hear the Aborigines playing their traditional musical instrument – the long pipe didgeridoo. The night market is open on Wednesdays from 5 to 10 pm.

For excellent Australian burgers, head to one of the Grill’d eateries. Choose your favorite burger from beef, chicken breast, lamb or vegetarian. It is served with a portion of french fries or fried yam, vegetables and sauce. The average price of a burger is 15 AUD.

Inexpensive snacks in the city can be in the network Sushi Sushi. Here you will find ready-made kits with different sushi and rolls, miso soup, salads and snacks. There is a gluten-free menu.